Helpful Tips for Athletic Registration

Go to and click “Register” and create an account. There is a video on the website to help you complete this process, but below are some important notes to help you out

  • Make sure you choose the 2018-19 school year for your registration and ASB for your sport/activity if you are undecided which sports you are going to participate or tryout for.
  • If your student does not currently have medical insurance, coverage can be purchased at the ASB office. Have your student visit room 311 for more information.
  • If your student has attended another high school, select “Student transferring from other school” on the last question, enter the previous school name in the “Other Details box, and download and complete the “Student Transfer Form” and return to the Athletic Director.
  • PHYSICAL FORMS can be printed on the second page of “Student Info” by clicking “Download Your School’s Physical form here.” or by clicking this link: TCHS Athletics Physical Form
  • On the “Signatures” page most of the consent forms and information sheets you are asked to sign can be downloaded using the link below the forms.
  • Don’t forget to print the final signature page out and sign it in pen. This will need to be turned in to room 311.

Once you have completed everything on, you should call your doctor and set up an appointment for your student to get a physical done.

  • REMEMBER to bring the physical forms to the doctor with you as they need to sign off that you’re able to participate in athletics.
  • Make a copy of the signed and completed medical form to keep for your own records.
  • Have your student bring the original completed Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation and the final signature page to room 311.